Bobbi x Lira
The singer takes us behind the scenes of her collaboration with Bobbi Brown.

“I’m excited and incredibly proud to have Lira as an influencer for our brand in South Africa. I’m in awe of her inspirational life story and her strong commitment to giving back. Her positive attitude, natural beauty, and confidence represent the brand’s philosophy of ‘be who you are beauty’.”

Q: How did the collaboration
with Bobbi Brown happen?

A: I've always been aware of Bobbi Brown, and I love and appreciate how the brand honors the natural beauty of women. Bobbi gently introduces women to the concept of makeup as a tool that enhances who you are and respects your natural beauty.

Q: What is your earliest beauty memory?

A: When I was younger, makeup wasn't something we engaged with because we didn't have options. It was always hard to find a good base—we would always look too oily or a bit ashy. Now, you should see how my mother rocks her makeup because there's so much more available.

Q: Who are your beauty icons?

A: I'd say Miriam Makeba. It was very important for me to see a South African woman wear her natural beauty with pride, all over the world. It meant it was okay for me to look the way I do. It was so powerful for me to see that my natural hair was beautiful, my skin tone was beautiful, my luscious lips were beautiful.

Q: What do you like about Bobbi's approach to makeup?

A: I love the value that Bobbi puts on women's natural beauty, and I love that the brand empowers women with skills to work with makeup. Makeup is your friend! You should play with it and enjoy it. It can also be an empowering tool on your journey to self-expression and self-love.