Customizable Palettes

Easy as 1,2,3

Pick it out, pop it in. Bobbi's sleek, mirrored palettes let you choose the shades
of Eye Shadow and Blush you use most so your go-to look is always on hand.

Step 1
Choose Your Palette

Whether you want to create a signature Bobbi cheek with neutral and pop blush shades, a classic light-medium-dark shadow eye look, or a versatile, multi-shade cheek and eye palette, we've got the perfect fit.

Step 2
Choose Your Shadow

Shimmer, sparkle, metallic or matte—mix and match your favourite shades and textures to create endless eye looks on demand (and on-the-go).

Step 3
Choose Your Blush

Pair a pretty pop of colour with your favourite eye look, or double up on blush—think neutral plus bright—for a natural-looking layered cheek. For a subtle glow, complete the trio with Shimmer Blush.

Select Shade

“A great way to
simplify and organize
your beauty routine.”


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